mtmte first aid x reader. #mtmte first aid x reader | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir www. -Smiles and play with you when no one is looking. Swerve X Reader—Speakeasy: "Hoo boy," you whistled looking about the vast room, "Ya know. While Rowan has recently gone out for an RFP and selected vendors of this type recently it has become TIMELINE: December 1, 2021 RFP release. After (Y/n)'s escape they then go to Steeljaw's base and spend time together in quiet and peace. Language: English Words: 2,894 Chapters: 3/3. Section 8! 30606, GA Fair Oaks Drive. Ambulon is proving to be little help in First Aid’s quest to complete your physical exam, attention pulled between doing his job and the delicate way your digits tweak at the underside of his armor plating. In space far from Earth you get the adventure of a lifetime as you fight evil A. “You shouldn’t thank me though. ” Tossing the broccoli onto the counter pulling the injured hand closer to you. -He and Ten are the Sparkling protection force. Leo x Reader (2012) It has been three months since you had fled New York city, Leo had finally woke up. Mtmte X Reader drabbles ConverseNinja004. Running a—and let put this in air quotes—illegal bar with ‘mister burr in his tin breeches’ is gonna be a little tough. This is kinda my first transformers fanfic hopefully I did a good job! 🐸🐸🐸 Hope you enjoy! 🐸🐸🐸. What does your number mean? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight and obesity in adults. 0 works under MS Visio 2002 or 2003 which must be installed first. com/tag/mtmte%20first%20aid%20x%20reader In 2020, Tumblr had 29. DailyMed will deliver this notification to your desktop, Web browser, or e-mail depending on the RSS Reader you select to use. Characters For Ask: • Mtmte Ratchet/ Mtmte First Aid/ Mtmte Ambulon mtmte ratchet x reader mtmte first aid x reader mtmte ambulon x . The first critical step in any emergency depends on the presence of someone who is willing to act and take appropriate action. For lost and found, contact Show Management (event organizers) during the event or contact OCCC Security at (407) 685-1119. And even for an existing reader, not starting straight with the mutiny was a better artistic choice because it allowed LL to be something of a self-contained thing purely from a pacing perspective. -Often worries that something will attack the Lost Light and hurt you. G1 Protectobots on the MTMTE Lost Light (Idea) The protectobots are used to a pacifist First Aid, so when they first meet the other First Aid, his kind nature and desire to help doesn’t seem to throw them off one bit. MyFAK First Aid Kit by My Medic (111 pieces) $129. Rodimus panics at first, thinking you broke something. Unique Idw Posters designed and sold by artists. The others about a stranded passenger in space getting rescued by the Lost Light and healing from that experience. 15 4,484 notes #source: unknown #bnha #anime #bnha memes #boku no hero academia #meme #mha #my hero academia #anime memes #mha incorrect quotes #incorrect bnha #bnha incorrect #incorrect quotes #midoriya x todoroki #tododeku #midoriya. First aid can include cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches; treating a minor burn. Reblog this is your intrested in MTMTE X Reader stories. A giant crash sounded throughout the room, and then you were laying on the burning bookshelf, with a worried Megatron running for you. But, as a reader, I’m not really seeing anything like that either. First Aid x Cowgirl! Femme reader (lemon) Plot: The reader comes to visit First Aid in the medbay every day. Stand to the side and just behind a choking adult. Not saying you can’t do it; but how long do you think this speakeasy is going to stay under wraps?”. Like the reader just flies in with her angel wings and uses her angel abilities to take out all the 'Cons. Summary: After a month of being Pharma's assistant. • pairing: mikey x gn!reader, chifuyu x gn!reader, nahoya x gn!reader, souya x gn!reader • request by anon: hello can you do a headcanons of Mikey, Chifuyu, Smiley and Angry with a gn! reader who is a toman’s medic?. love your writing! reader getting an overdue. Church Vigil Devotional Unscented 1/2 x 4 1/4 Inch White Candle with Drip Protector - 100 per Box By Religious. First Aid laid his upper half on your side as the rest draped down, at your hips. Perceptor is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. First Responder is one of the Webelos Adventure Requirements. he wouldn’t agree with TFP Ratchets way of thinking and would snitch on him the second he could (of course he’d only tell TFP Optimus in private). The lower dose is for the most extreme illness. FIRST AID & BANDAGING Maybelle B. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. MTMTE Issue 4: First Aid creates an Apocalyptic Log that chronicles the hopeless situation at Delphi, the medical center. For a child, kneel down behind. Comprehensive First Aid/CPR/AED. He knew that it wasn’t very professional, but he just needed to make sure that you were okay. I, a time traveling suitcase, assassin attempts, space pirates, and the DJD. Sew the top main fabric 1 1/4″ X 7 1/2″ piece along the top. Steve gets the super soldier serum. How would the LL bots react? They also ask the reader questions about being an angel afterwards. An advance may be paid in two lump sums: the first payment on contract signing, and the second on delivery of the completed manuscript or on publication. To view updated drug label links, paste the RSS feed address (URL) shown below into a RSS reader, or use a browser which supports RSS feeds, such as Safari for Mac OS X. After completing this course, you should be able to:. This RFP template is intended to aid providers and health IT implementers throughout the EHR vendor selection process. So far, doing his job is losing the fight for his focus. They choose otherwise when the stakes are raised. In this fic Rodimus wants to be a stuntman when he grows up. Folklore says that if you light a brand new bayberry candle on Christmas Eve you will have health, wealth, and prosperity for the new year. The main difference is that First Aid will verify the selected drive and automatically attempt to correct any problems. "Just fix this, Ratchet, please," First Aid begged from behind his hands. Anonymous said: Megatron, Brainstorm, Cyclonus, and First-aid listening to their human SO's heartbeat for the first time. Both get told to sit tight and leave the heroics to somebody else (wait for the Elite Guard vs being an actor). Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Elected as the official Lost Light liaison you start your job. Cygate (Parents of Adopted Reader) · Rung · First Aid first on how badly they had wrapped it, and then about like how it had been . Download First Aid Reader B Ali Baba and other stories ebook. 10 common marriage reconciliation mistakes to avoid after infidelity. To find the continuing education courses you need, browse our list of eligible CEU training opportunities. CUTE and useful First Aid Zipper Pouch Tutorial. Ambulon asks what happened this time and what you did. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Anonymous said: Romantic headcanons for MTMTE Ratchet, Red Alert, Pharma, First Aid and Ambulon with shy and quiet but kind and patient . He is perpetually seeking to increase knowledge, and his discoveries have repeatedly proven invaluable. #transformers #transformers djd #transformer mtmte #transformers x reader #transformer reader insert #transformers-reader-insert #transformers-lost-light #transformers-x-reader #transformers-mtmte #transformers reader insert #rodimus #ultra magnus #swerve #skids #ambs #rung #rewind #chromedome #first aid #ratchet #djd #the djd #The Pet … See all. Requested by Theannoyinglittleartist, Enjoy! P. See more ideas about transformers, transformers art, transformers artwork. Use your free hand to bend the person's knee farthest away from you to a. #first aid x reader #mtmte x reader #mtmte first aid #first aid #mtmte reader insert #smutty this post is tagged as x. FEATURES: The resident’s trusted, one-stop guide to acing the Step 3―written by residents and reviewed by faculty for accuracy. High quality Mtmte inspired bags by independent artists and designers from around the world. Europe had heard of the bubonic plague, which had ravished central Asia in the early 1300s. I prefer he/they/it but any are fine. This volume reunites the fan-favorite creative team behind Last Stand of the Wreckers and sends the Transformers on an epic quest to the farthest reaches of the Transformers Universe -- and beyond in the three-part story "Lirars, A to D!" Collects issues #1-3 of T he Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye and the one-shot Death of Optimus Prime. When a datalog shows something suspicious at a Autobot Medical facility Ratchet, Drift and Pipes head out to investigate to find First Aid amongst the few surviviors of a rust plague. it's the first time you see him without his mask and you use the opportunity to kiss him see-you-later when it gets late after you leave, he stands in the door for solid five minutes, just staring dumbfoundedly you broke™ him NSFW first aid is a virgin and you cannot change my mind. Mtmte x Android!Reader Anonymous asked: How would Whirl, Tailgate, First-aid, and Drift react to their SO was an android after an accident like scraplet attack or Accidental Energon exposure? or getting suck out of an air lock. Rodimus-(Release Me by Crystal Skies) Drift-(Take you down by illenium). there’s no flowing oxygen in this room right now. He won’t let you anywhere near him. Even with this thought, she's wondering what sex is called on Cybertron. reader ochako X reader [lost pt°2] player 1 & 2 [denki X twin ! "There is a first aid box behind the podium," Aizawa said before letting go to grab it. #transformers #mtmte #lost light #trailcutter #riptide #transformers mtmte #tf #more than meets the eye #okay guys #i know literally no one ships this but like. genre: alpha/omega, m/f, afab reader, student/teacher, smut with little plot. MTMTE | Ratchet X Human Femme Reader: Valentine's Day on Cybertron Autobot2001. A small tube of triple antibiotic ointment. Add to library 213 Discussion 55 Suggest tags. Transformers Prime Optimus Prime x Reader - Darkness Rising Part 1 pharma mtmte-first rust stains by azulg 新手隊長訓練中XD New leader in training. He knew what it could mean when a human was so sunken into themselves. 110, Athens, GA 30606 Call 7063381---orvisit our website 3 Bed. Sew the main fabric 2 3/4 X 2 3/4″ pieces to each side of the cross. Place one arm across the person's chest for support. Ahaha, yes, funny joke, yes yes. Though his specialties lie in metallurgy, electrical engineering, and additional sciences closely concomitant to Transformer physiology, his thirst for knowledge has made him a kind of scientific jack-of. I picked out two bots I thought deserved a little more attention for those into the more niche bots on the LL. "Easy, First Aid," Ratchet said gently as he caressed the side of First Aid's face, thumb gently gliding over his face mask. Visiting the functionist universe first and doing their whole reintroduction with volume 1 would, for better or worse, settle new readers in. Anyway, I was thinking of making this a full story but then I realized I'm already working on too much. Read TF3| Mirage x human! Female reader (lemon) from the story Transformers one-shots and lemons (2) [closed] by tfp-fanfiction ( ️TF bayverse💛) with 23 reads. first aid x reader mtmte x reader mtmte first aid first aid mtmte reader insert smutty. Megatron motioned for you to follow setting a brisk pace down the hall. They ask to deal with him and things start to escalate. 5-1119 from any house phone for the Security Command Center. transformers starscream optimus prime bumblebee tfa blitzwing ratchet soundwave cliffjumper tfp arcee ultra magnus rodimus prime Megatron tfa shockwave predaking tfa blurr knock out tfp smokescreen mtmte first aid prowl tfa swindle skywarp thundercracker tfa longarm mtmte drift sg!soundwave mtmte pharma mtmte tarn sideswipe sunstreaker bulkhead. appropriate decisions regarding first aid care, and equip you to act on your decisions, whether at home, at your workplace or in the community. Chapter 1: Swerve x Reader Speakeasy Chapter Text. It’s presented as if everyone but Amy and Taylor realize they like each other, and in an eye-roll inducing manner. Occupational First Aid: A Reference and Training Manual - Level 2. He had gone to Rung, where he had asked about your state. #consider it #i didn't come with a pitch for this im just saying #these two idiots would get into so much trouble together …. “Shit,” you growled out tears gathering at the corners of your eyes, “ first aid kit, please. MTMTE Ratchet reacts to TFP Ratchet: He feels like this version of him is overworked and should he find out that this version of him is starving himself he would absolutely drag him to the med bay and make sure he gets enough energon. afra embryos at the first-tooth stage (five days post-fertilization (dpf); Figure 2c) were treated for 24 hours in 50 μM cyclopamine in 1% DMSO (based on protocols in ), thus spanning the time from the initiation of the first tooth to the three-teeth stage (6 dpf), by which time the second row OB. The bots there are all infected with a disease which causes their internal organs to liquify and come out their eyes. ” You kept petting Ambs but you looked up at First Aid with a grateful look. With First Aid, Brainstorm and Perceptor joining it was becoming crowded. Steve is to sickly to join the army and gets rejected time and time again. It often consists of a one-time, short-term treatment and requires little technology or training to administer. If he’s in dragon form he’ll headbutt your arms until you. “I’m just glad that you could do it. This manual is designed to accompany Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 2 training courses. You quickly turned around, knocking into the burning bookshelf when you heard a knock on the door. I know I lost you when I joined the Autobots, but I still care about you, a lot and I keep thinking about the times we fought together or we were just together, I still remember how we met and I just I miss you! I miss the time we had, the talks we had, I miss everything!". How to discontinue the RSS feed. A small bar of soap or small bottle of alcohol-based. The reader meets Tarn for the first time while he's collecting t-cogs from the delphi base, in a humiliating way to satisfy Pharma's ego. Taking in deep breaths, the warmth of the fire, calming you as well. Read Jul 24, 2011 · The site includes the song of the Cotton Green Cicada and also provides this information: “ A bright green, glossy cicada. The songs if u never heard them would be. They learn to respond to situations like choking, shock, bites and stings, cuts, cuts, burns, and more. call me Bass (as in base) im nonbinary, i use all pronouns EXCEPT she/her. your hand cupped his cheek and your thumb grazed against his bruised skin. With the person lying on their back, kneel on the floor at their side. Occupational First Aid: A Reference and Training. Oct 19, 2014 · Crossing or Hexing – When crossing or hexing someone with a parchment spell, the name of the target is written on the parchment in Bat’s Blood ink first, then the curse or hex is written across the top of the name at an angle to for the tradition “X” shape of the crossing spell. 2022-007 RFP for Annual Contract for Staffing Augmentation Services 2002-007 Pre. Then sew the main fabric piece 1 main 2 3/4″ X 7 1/2″ fabric piece along the bottom. Swindle and Brawl serve as the bases for the fembots as it was really difficult to find alternatives both for those molds to serve and to avoid using Firestar and moonracer again for the remaining members of Elita One's combiner. Unique Mtmte Posters designed and sold by artists. Jan 25, 2021 - Explore Rohan Joshi's board "Transformers animated" on Pinterest. -Kameko was a normal human girl that was born into a family of Foot Clan members, and she was raised and trained since she started walking to become a Kunoichi. -Plays games with you on a daily basis. Jan 30, 2018 · The Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set is a free download from Microsoft which provides a set of resources to represent features of and systems that use Microsoft Azure and… Jun 21, 2011 · Posted on June 21, 2011 by. temporary medical staffing services. tmnt x reader Raphael Raphael x Reader tmnt 2012. The Lost Light panel in TFNation. Swerve X Reader—Speakeasy: “Hoo boy,” you whistled looking about the vast room, “Ya know. idw, transformers idw, more than meets the eye, mtmte, mtmte ambulon, mtmte first aid, ambulon, first aid. Queue: ridiculous stunts that no director would ever approve of, Which means he ends up in your waiting room 3. First Aid shrieks like a five year old girl before quickly regaining his professionalism. Ambulon: Sighing, he immediately goes to check your injury and how he should treat it. parings: shuichi saihara x gn!reader. Baste zipper along the top of the lining fabric. First Aid: -Optimistic Big Brother. Information about certification for the different OFA levels is available online. I haven’t been able to get any other writing done as of yet With First Aid, Brainstorm and Perceptor joining it was becoming crowded. you were suddenly closer to his face. First Aid for the USMLE® Step 3, Fifth Edition is carefully written to focus on high-yield, top-priority information, most likely to be included on the exam. This is how checkups with Drift go each time [ x] transformers maccadam ratchet drift first aid dratchet mtmte ratchet mtmte drift mtmte first aid mtmte lost light. The security division can be contacted from outside the convention center by dialing (407) 685-1119. In Pennsylvania, Biden showcases aid to small businesses, and other top stories in general news from March 17, 2021. One is about a Young human liaison and their wacky adventures aboard the Lost Light. Or take tfp Starscream in au’s where he turns Autobot and turning Damian Wayne (as I know him) into a respectable Robin. Warnings: more like bumblebee x reader x charlie, bi reader, bi charlie, face sitting, slight starscream cameo, set in 1987, fingering, unsolicited car wash …. Pharma x M!Autobot!Reader You, a fresh graduate from medical school, Were given the privilege of going straight to work at Deltaran. Rung, of course, had told Megatron that he couldn’t reveal anything. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Slowly, Ratchet and Ambulon start to get concerned when First Aid gets angry when she's talking or visiting the other medics as well. For this adventure, Webelos learn some basic first aid and emergency preparedness skills. he wouldn't agree with TFP Ratchets way of thinking and would snitch on him the second he could (of course he'd only tell TFP Optimus in private). See the full list, plus dozens of smaller lists broken out by genre, voter age, location, and more. Telecom visio stencils free. With the advent of OS X El Capitan, Apple made a few changes to how the Disk Utility First Aid feature works. 1 (build 7601), Service Pack 1 Madera attempted to enlist the aid of convicted drug felon, heroin addict, and child rapist, Donald Anderson (N4TAT), and Jimbo "9/11 was an inside job" Lysen (KD0LA) and a group of unidentified ne'er-do-wells who jam 14. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Friend if it's not to much can I get a part 2 of the Singer(reader) meeting the LL crew and making songs based on bots. When First Aid does it’s terrifying. After assessing the emergency scene for dangers, first responders should start the C-A-B procedure of first aid. Hey guys my friend made two separate MTMTE X Reader stories. What would you like for the next 6 years?. Georgia section 8 application. Read MTMTE| Yandere! First Aid x Cowgirl! Femme reader (lemon) from the story Transformers one-shots and lemons (2) [closed] by tfp-fanfiction (❤️TF . hello and welcome :) some people might remember me as speedyprime, but i wanted a new start. Through out the tragic experience she think back on the memories that got her to the point of being a mental slave to Pharma. Repair Your Mac's Drives With Disk Utility's First Aid. Jogging to keep up still with a finger on the trigger. De 238 edd additional instructions. GaDOE awards third round of grants to build computer science teacher capacity. Therefore students HOMEWORK are expected We Eng4u Assignments will clear your path to success today!. Packed with proven test-taking strategies based on the. It’s strange to learn that The protectobots aren’t a thing in this universe and that Defensor is a completely different. S: sorry if First aid is OOC I'm not to . Take their other arm and fold it so the back of their hand rests on the cheek closest to you, and hold it in place. If the person is choking and can't talk, cry or laugh forcefully, the American Red Cross recommends a "five-and-five" approach to delivering first aid: Give 5 back blows. Groove - Police bike - Would rather avoid fighting if possible. Streetwise - Police car - At home on the streets, no matter where he is. Don’t expect to get within twenty feet of the predacon for at least a month. Summary: Drabbles featuring your favorite bots with you. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Well, he mostly just repeats whatever Ratchet says and gets you snacks and blankets. -Once he’s sure you won’t hurt him he slowly starts to let you approach him. Diving under the nearest table, your drink abandoned, hoping to stay out of the danger zone. Maybe even more angry then livid but right now you couldn’t think of a word that expressed such anger. Don’t leave (Tfp Wheeljack x reader) You were absolutely livid. Summary: Going to Cybertron with Ratchet during the coldest month of the year sounds like a good idea, even if it's February and (Y/N) thinks she'll be missing Valentine's Day. 2 sterile, 3 X 3 inch gauze pads. Warnings: Slight swearing ((Y/n)'s P. -Shows you how to patch up small bo-bo’s. summary: steve and reader are not in a good relationship right now and the recent mission did not help that out. What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter “X”?. First aid refers to medical attention that is usually administered immediately after the injury occurs and at the location where it occurred. it’s the first time you see him without his mask and you use the opportunity to kiss him see-you-later when it gets late after you leave, he stands in the door for solid five minutes, just staring dumbfoundedly you broke™ him NSFW first aid is a virgin and you cannot change my mind. You had interned there previously. A: Yes, although which over-the-counter medications a first aid kit includes will depend somewhat on its intended use case (s). Read RID| Underbite x Decepticon! Femme reader (Fluff) from the story Transformers one-shots and lemons (2) [closed] by tfp-fanfiction ( ️TF bayverse💛) with. #first aid #mtmte #transformers #transformers reader insert #transformers imagines #transformers x reader #my writing #this is wildly ooc sounding but i cannot for the life of me figure out how else to write it after 3 weeks of staring at this prompt. “What are you talking about? of course I am!”. First aid kits frequently include acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin. It is a powerful support to keep up and to elevate your spirit. First Aid does at least 5 checks to make sure his S/O was 100% okay. A 3 X 6 inch piece of moleskin. genya watched with wide eyes, face flushed and heart beating erratically at the closeness. Both start out nasty: arrogant, prideful, viscous, violent, demons, attacking and trying to kill even the most long suffering characters and driving them up the wall. The length of time applicants remain on the waitlist depends on the amount of available housing and preferences established by the local housing authority. This was the first real time you had seen the grey mechs’ holo-avatar, you had asked the others what he looked and snickered at Nautica’s story attempting to see if he was ticklish. when he didn’t respond, you spoke again in a firmer voice, “i need to know where they attacked you. The last few people to join in was Nautica, Ravage, Ten, and Skids. Running a—and let put this in air quotes—illegal bar with 'mister burr in his tin breeches. Extend the arm nearest you at a right angle to their body with their palm facing up. Taking the case you pop it open grabbing the Neosporin and a bandage out. Nap pile Mtmte!crew x Dragon!reader I haven’t been able to get any other writing done as of yet Mostly because I have been moving home to my dad Some stuff wasn’t going right and all that, but now I. It’s a bit hamfisted in this story, though I suppose it took like 300k words to get to the point rather than the first chapter. Here 3000+ expert professionals work hard to get your assignment done on time, 100% satisfaction in essay and dissertation writing can aid the students of Australia, UK and USA. Discover more posts about tmnt 2012 x reader. 900+ Transformers animated ideas. First Aid The immediate care given to a person/victim who has suddenly become ill or has been injured. After explaining it to him, he thinks it’s kinda funny. This 6" wide, all-in-one device consolidates multiple first-aid devices such as a primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a. Fortress Maximus: - Protective Shy Big Brother. Royalty payment is the sum paid to authors for each copy of a book sold and is traditionally around 10-12%, but self-published authors can earn about 40% – 60% royalties per each book sale. ” First Aid nodded before looking down at his datapad. Miko sat on the couch in front of you, looking down at the floor sheepishly. MTMTE first aid x femme! Reader. Perceptor was propped up against your middle back while Brainstorm was cuddling up to him. this post is blacklisted because it contains x and is not fully visible on the index page. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. i am the alpha model of the kryptonian education and. First Aid groaned as his hands covered his burning faceplates. 2 : 2 Hex is a crowd control spell that. Bugformers! — Which continuity is Blurr? (I hope it's TFA. Rodimus sees you looking all tired and icky and he’s like “shit babe, you alright? Let’s get you to the medbay. Requested by: XWerciastkoX Plot: Reader is captured by Autobots and Underbite goes to help her. -Carries you everywhere if he can get you away for Tailgate. " Perceptor is a scientist, one of the most astute minds the whole of Cybertron can offer. Shots were fired while tables were being flipped, the bar was a wonderland of violence and you felt like Alice. Hauler homaging the MTMTE first episode, Ex-constructicon, using Onslaught as the base and RTS Grapple's hook. #mtmte #transformers #mtmte x reader #transformers idw #transformers x reader #headcanons #transformer headcanons #Rodimus #Getaway #Brainstorm …. (you are welcome to kill me if i messed this up. Judaism ( Hebrew: יהדות) is the world's oldest Abrahamic religion. You should thank Ratchet and Drift. Stoping the Events would be nice. c’s, self ships, or character x character will be written. V)) I woke up and found myself locked up. The Doctor's Hands by _ItzDexterity_. It was midday when you got a call from the school saying that Miko had been suspended. The reader reveals her angel identity and powers when she saves the lost light bots in a heated battle with the decepticons. First Aid - Ambulance - Team medic, dislikes fighting but will sacrifice self to help others. 14 Assignment Documents ENG4U Writing Exemplars 2011 5. Likes to study maps in his spare time. Medical issues covered include: —First aid basics, including roles and responsibilities of a first aider, managing an incident, activating emergency services, and infection control —Lifesaving skills including the recovery position, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) —Minor injuries. First Aid (Transformers) Pharma (Transformers) 25 Days of MTMTE Christmas by PetiteLepus Yandere Tarn X Reader. Here are the three P’s in order: First ‘P’ – Preserve Life: The main responsibility of a bystander/first responder is to preserve life of the injured person by providing first aid treatments. They both stared at each other in shock,before Drift’s hand let go of their neck and slowly travelled to their chest and held it their and frowned. Before El Capitan, you could just run the Verify process on its own and then decide if you wanted to attempt repairs. the link takes you to the permalink page. ~*Imababbles*~ — Imagine The Mtmte Medic's Reaction's To Their. -When he gets used to you he’ll allow you to touch him. First Aid: He slightly panics, asking if you were alright and where it hurt. First Aid thinks you’re getting sick, and it takes a moment for him to realize that this is probably what ‘sneezing’ sounds. Our teams are currently approved to award CEUs in Preparedness and Health and Safety Services courses, including CPR/First Aid/AED, wilderness and remote first aid, CNA training, swimming and water safety, lifeguarding, and more. Get a first aid kit to use with the First Responder adventure. I want you to thrust into me until I can't stand. R U M O R S Bakugo x Reader x Kirishima When two bands get together there will be rumors spreading around. Well, when MTMTE first came out, it was going to be drawn by Roche, but he stepped down very quickly because Roberts was so particular about how his script was drawn and Milne has mentioned in the past that he's had difficulties with his specificity and I've read that he's not interested in working on it again if Roberts is still the writer and its been mentioned that the two had argued about. ” He cancels whatever plans he had for the rest of the day and leaves whoever else in charge while he takes care of you. Transformers MTMTE Blaster Brainstorm Chromedome Rewind Perceptor Red Alert Whirl First Aid . I loved the 1st part so much and needed a version where she makes some songs for the mtmte gang. See more 'Transformers' images on Know Your Meme!. Role of First Aider • Bridge the gap between the time of the accident and the arrival of the physician. Cyclonus responded first, leaping to where you kept the first aid kit. Every time you sneeze, he jokes that it sounds like you’re saying ‘woohoo’ so he says thank you. As team members become effected it falls to Ratchet to find the culprit responsible and with First Aid's help heal the surviviors. transformers fans, grab your toasters. Like x 4; kaijuguy19, Feb 21, 2018. guess i'll die — Why hasn't anyone do this before?. Reader x Whirl — Cuddles: The last thing you remember is a table being flipped off somewhere to your left before an all out brawl erupted.