nct reaction to you pouting. He knew you were trying to get on his nerves so he tried to stay calm as he secretly watched you leave the house with a small suitcase. You were just done watching video when a notification of nct …. I just want to avoid members being repeated if I get a request for U and then for 127 or doing just really long requests for 15 members, as well as not to mix and make it complicated when doing. You could swear you had never seen him so. “Nope not good enough,” he says breaking the distance between you. He came across your dance practice because he was watching atinys videos of their covers, and you were there, and got curious. NCT 127 Reaction to Their S/O Not Being Able to Fit Their Clothes Taeyong: “Now stop pouting, you look too adorable” Originally posted by johndojae. Not meaning to come off rude he did and you ran out crying. “Yah hey you’re not finished yet!”. Request: Will you do a NCT reaction to coming home late to find their gf had such a …. When he hears you say that you …. The corners of your lips tilted into a smile at his reaction. as of right now, she promotes as a solo artist, actress and member of nct 127, nct …. NCT DREAM reacts to another hybrid's scent on you! pout as he avoids your figure. NCT's Johnny Suh was a new face at Met Gala 2022, but he certainly turned heads. You looked up at your lover with a pout, upset that he woke you …. nct dream reaction to their s/o having a child from a past relationship. BTS Reaction to Introducing You to The Members. Shop exclusive merch and apparel from the Official NCT 127 Store. He could spend hours just laying with you and talking. (I love Mark so I will add him cause he's always gonna be a dreamy in my heart TT) requested by: @pixiehoshi. YOU’RE WELCOME, IF YOU LOVE IT. nct dream reaction to having a cuddly s/o. “Baby, stop running away from me. requested: NCT dream reaction to their s/o getting jealous when they give their jacket to another person because they’re cold (super specific sorry haha) — MARK. NCT Dream: Reaction to you crying during an argument. “Jeno!! Y/N’s being mean to me again”. His files pushed to the side and he turned to face you as you laid in your shared bed. “Don’t be mad, I was only joking. You weren’t going to forgive him that easy though, he knows that. he's one of nct's better dancers, which is NOT an easy feat given how insane nct's …. Genre: hp au, rivals to lovers, light angst to absolute fluff. Read Dream Reaction to You Sitting on Their Lap from the story NCT Scenarios, Reactions & Oneshots by neohoney (niah) with 132 reads. Doyoung: when you asked Doyoung to cuddle, you would be surprised to find out he was already cuddling you (lmao jk). NCT Dream Reaction: you need to let go of me so I can perform” - cue the pout; i doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t know about your relationship; like …. (he wants to be the only little in the home) johnny: …. anonymous asked: Nct 2018 reaction to you crying when they're crying,, like when they're sad you get sad and can't help but cry too:( . Johnny rummages through his closet and throws you a shirt. NCT Reaction to their s/o being insecure about their braces. Mark: stares in awe at your legs for a long time and doesn’t say anything other than “damn”. Once he regained his composure, he would politely correct you. But he caught you in the act and said "JAGI…. 00:00] Hiatus — NCT 2018 reaction to you crying when they're. You were just laying down on the sofa while your boyfriend, jaehyun is in the shower after coming back home from practice. " "Y/n-" You shut him up by leaning over to kiss the side of his mouth. ” You heard hyuck from behind you but before he could pass you, shoving the cake in mark’s hand, you took his face in hands and pressed your lips onto his lips. You pointed towards the staircase that was capped with the 'exit’ door. nct dream reaction: you find him crying. The man asked as you dropped the cat onto the glass. " Instead, he advocates the "STOP method:" Stop, take a breath, observe, and proceed. Like he thinks you’re going to run away from him or something. You were glad to see that the boys were just fooling around and not …. He loved how you moved and how he could see your efforts to do your best in the dance. note: okay, so gangneung is in pyeongchang county which was where the 2018 winter olympics was held. NCT 127 Reaction: Choreographer!Y/n teaches them a sexy dance. He would hunch over and fall onto the floor while you stood there with a blank face, not knowing what was so funny. Yuta had stayed the night with you, reading you to sleep with a few chapters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Anonymous said : I'd like to request nct u's reaction to you not liking yourself , thanks. You giggled at his reaction as he stood in front of you …. With widened eyes, you glance up at your boyfriend, who’s still smiling radiantly, though there is now a hint of playfulness in it. "Scoot over," he said, still sitting as close to you as possible. The moment he would fall back asleep is the moment you…. You, my dear reader, get the message straight away because he’s just being that obvious about it but it’d be better to act like you don’t know what he’s doing just to make him even more jealous. Nct 127 Reaction: you kiss their cheek. Each girl representing a type of love. Said Johnny winking shamelessly. More so when you’re feeling insecure. Your husband had his members come over and have a guys night since you two have been busy with marriage and baby life. As soon as you said “I’m with a friend” Yuta would start looking around because he does not believe that you are talking about him. He just catches you with one hand and pulls you back to him Too slow, y/n, that's how I was able to catch you the very first time. NCT U React to You Not Liking Yourself. But you are royalty, the princess of the crown, and those two things are now coming in your way. You quickly said, grabbing his face so he could face you. Ignored, he stood up and walked to you. you went to the balcony rail …. more doyoung because i love him. Right when those words left your mouth the mafia boss’s attention was all towards you. Well of course you’re a brilliant artist, you…. Likes teasing Haechan with you, but doesn't go too overboard because he knows he's probably not gonna live once he goes back to the dorms. You laughed in your room, The moment you called him oppa, was a really fun expierence to you too. He’d be so appalled that someone could even approach you if you’re sitting right next to him. Taeil: He would get a little jealous, but wouldn't say nothing to avoid a fight with you. "I know he will, but have you ever dealt with a whiny Jungwoo? It's difficult". You hummed, nodding along as your fingers played with his hair. Sighing you opened the door and jin stood their holding flowers. 127′s S/O humming their song ♥; 127′s S/O. He'd poke you and keep doing little things to mess with you. sharing snacks and making them together Nct dream reaction to you hating getting touched. ” He says confident making everyone laugh. his favorite kisses are the gentle, fluttery ones he presses to the corners of your eyes to wake you up in the morning. I think I’m gonna sleep on my side so I can get comfortable. Open in app; Facebook; leaving you pouting…. 7k) - Yuta had always been the spontaneous one in your relationship, he loved surprising you, and even when you…. Nct 2018 legal line reacts; you wearing short shorts. txt having a partner who is a lot shorter than them. But this time, it was your boyfriend who was angry, after you …. And when you tell him you are just shy and that he didn’t do anything wrong, he’d just be really relieved. Once you end the call he would just be staring at you until you gave him and explanation as to why you …. But after fully talking it through with you he. he snatched the phone out of your hand and threw it from the balcony window. Mark laughed as Donghyuck glared up at Jaemin. You plop right down onto his lap and throw your arms around his stomach, cooing at him. He revealed his favorite places, activities Everyone wanted to meet her at the fashion show! 1 hour ago. "Oh-my, donghyuck, knock it off. He’s smiling shyly and laughing at everyone’s wild behavior. Warning: I’ve wrote none of this. He put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his side. : nct dream reaction to their s/o being jealous. Warning: fluff slight angst not really. After some pouting and suffocating you with his large body you sighed through your. “Girls, we are so proud of you. 탈 💕NCT variety list 📌 on Twitter “Jaehyun pouting -a cute thread- Funny Kpop Memes. M: “I know I’m amazing but you don’t have to cling to me. o giving them silent treatment (cause y/n is a drama queen) REQUESTED BY ANON. Warnings: Angst (specially TY), sexual tension (DY and Ten), mentions of alcohol (Ten) ♡ My personal favs will be marked with this heart. You can hear him chuckling and you look at him pouting, One of Kun’s boys couldn’t stop playing with his rings nervously, he’s heard so much of NCT but wasn’t sure how they would react …. The latest Tweets from 茶る子 (@tyaruco_nct). “i’m sorry, i was just getting jealous of how close you guys are now, i want you to play games with me instead! i can teach you everything he can!”. You two had only been together for 3 months, so you had to pretend to just be his friend. Nct Dream reaction : he says something mean. He looked so much better 7th sense era. But as cuddly as he is, he’s equally as shy about it. Points to himself and raises his eyebrows because wdym friend. He walked around, getting behind the wheel, and the two of you …. At some point gets frustrated with watching you …. Pairing: Griffyndor!Mark Lee x gn! Reader. enhypen's reaction to you playing with their / ally!. ##MIMI’S CLOSE IDOL FRIENDS!! — ##MIMI!!i’m willing to be friends with anyone, i’m extremely friendly. When your ex comes over and rudely interrupts your date at a small, cozy café, not even batting an eye towards your interlaced hands on the table, your boyfriend will stand up, making sure to block your ex's path so he won't even be able to look at you, much less to touch you, and puts on the fakest smile as he shakes the other man. He wanted to see you keep trying to get him to catch the signs. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Lucas animated GIFs to your conversations. Doyoung: *Figures you’re in kitten space when you won’t leave him alone while he’s trying to work. messy nct/wayv bios ! uH i haven’t had much motivation to post lil aus and stuff,, pouting at their teasing. You pout and make puppy eyes making him feel a little bit bad about his joke. You know I melt when you use that name on me,” he said, pouting, as he finally drew back to look down on you again. night night date night ― jjh; pairings: jung jaehyun x female reader. Haechan:-Would be gental around you - got you whatever you needed or asked for -Anything for his sunflower-would shower you in kisses to make you feel better "Donghyuck, can we cuddle?" "Of course we can, baby. “You have been kinda weird with each other the whole night. Thank you for requesting @valdez-ed hope you like it! Taeil: He would find it so adorable but also funny knowing something that very few does about you. It was however unusual for you …. trying to make you go somewhere you didn't want to was almost impossible anyway, but where your. 💮no creo q nadie lea esto pero lo hago con todo mi cariño. He thinks it’s great! He’s a natural cook, you’re a natural artist, “the brilliant attracts the brilliant, we’re a power couple jagi!”. It didn’t hurt just you, it hurt him to have to pretend you …. In general, reacting in anger typically will make things worse. Jimin nods, rubbing circles on your back. "their girlfriend is sick" ‎ ‎ ♡ SEUNGCHEOL ؛ being the leader — he deals with this v well. " "You can't just do that to me," he said with a pout, carrying you to his bedroom. Like his Lucas Bieber impression. he'll cancel any dance practices or meetings so that he can look after you, much to hoshi's dismay. whenever you guys get smth, you try to get it twice for the other as well. He would be so clingy and he’d bite your neck but when you do it to him, he’d “act” disgusted. He'll lowly growl whenever the scent gets stronger. You say and kiss his cheek, turning to your left side. He said, not looking at you, “I just got jealous at all the attention you gave to Jisung. You don’t think it’s a huge deal since you two have been friends for almost a year, yet his eyes widen at your question as the other members trickle out of the room. You try not to, because you know he hates it when you do, but you can't help but huff a bit and sound kind of bitter with a slight pout on your lips that forms naturally. “I’ve already ordered the food for us to eat” he said. I don’t say he’s overworked but he definitely gets the most work out of everyone in nct and us probably the most busiest idol in kpop. You turned your eyes, but he delighted himself with your badass attitude. He would gladly take up your offer but feel bad about leaving you and not spending time with you and being there for you. He'll stay like that until you noticed the pouting, obviously petty upset hybrid on the couch. Situation: He is on his way back home/busy when you call him and ask him to do something for you which he refuses. NCT OT21 Mafia Reactions- You run away. He was trying his best to communicate with you using English (or your native language) when you stopped him and started speaking Korean. Summary: Being at a fancy gala, it feels like you’re a princess in a fairytale. Before the spoon even touched your lips, it slipped out of your hand, landing on your shirt. " The members teased him as you smiled happily and sat in your boyfriends lap, a peaceful smile on both of your guys faces. He thinks it's great! He's a natural cook, you're a natural artist, "the brilliant attracts the brilliant, we're a power couple jagi!". REACTION TO NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 DANCE PRACTICES | We Young & GO. - Nct Dream Reaction To Their s/o Doing The "Enchanted - Taylor Swift" Trend [Coming Soon] Renjun - Their s/o being on zoom when they want a kiss | …. His girl was the best, he could tell anyone that. NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT 2018, WayV… As of this very moment, there are 21 members that belong to the big NCT family. Emojis for smileys, people, families, hand gestures, clothing and accessories. I hope you liked it & I’ll post more later! - Admin Lyna. so you quickly made your way towards him. • Welcome to My Hero Academia Reaction in gifs! • The …. you don’t really know how it happened. He decided to tell them how he asked you out but he left out the part where he only started to date you because of a bet. Hyuk: He was still with his members when you called him on his phone to grab some sweets for you. But nature hasn’t made anything quite as beautiful as you. Laptop on your counter top while you’re still sitting everyday to see you wearing what’s mine and mine only” now he’s playing with your hands while his lips are a lil pouting. ” [Blog run by Bee, 19 — reactions │to hair stop pouting. You both end up falling asleep on the couch. unedited —————— Renjun- Knetz …. Aug 3rd 2021 #21; Yeonjun frowning angry upset displeased pouting disappointed. ” You couldn’t keep that promise but you’d try anyway. You groan loudly and throw Johnny a dirty look …. You and your boyfriend broke apart, “I can’t believe you lied to me” he scolded with a frown, leaving the room quickly. Honestly, he'd continue pestering you, because he likes the way your lips form into a pout as you bark at him. •☆ One Dream Emote + Reaction Archive 36,080 Posts 31,704 entries 4 Gender Female Guild 🌟*ONE DREAM*🌟. v calm and gentle towards you, not wanting you to feel any worse than you already do. He had understandably gotten jealous and yet his cold exterior made it difficult for you to be certain what was the reason for the cold shoulder you were receiving. “Joon, it’s ok”, Jaehyun coos as he brings the little boy on his lap, engulfing him in a hug. - “Babe, babe, baby I’m sorryyyyyy” : ( literally frowning as he speaks. goose" The only reaction you got was a huff in your direction, then her attention was back on Renjun. radoperasuitcaseeggs liked this. So seeing his s/o in his clothes would make him shy asf. “Sleeping with wet hair isn’t good for you …. 9m Followers, 0 Following, 131 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from TAEYONG 태용 (@taeoxo_nct). definitely the type to have soft thoughts about you …. genres: fluff (because i’m weak-hearted), business. 👾 — Pairing: Taeyong x reader Genre: comedic. 5• ~When you fall asleep everywhere expect the bed Nct 127 (Ft Nct Dream+Shotaro&Sungchan) 6• ~When you sit on their thighs Nct 127. Lucas: He’d bite you first lezbi-honest. When you turn around he would be smirking at his phone knowing exactly what he's doing. lianna bae, known professionally as lian, is a canadian dancer, singer, actress and choreographer based in south korea. he would not hesitate to lecture you when he sees that you’re hurt. “Baby, you’re a bad girl,” He whispers as he kisses your neck, making you moan. Said Taeyong with a big and charming smile. Its nothing a little vampire immortality can’t handle,” you joke. Stretching over to your nightstand to grab you phone, you see that you …. The only thing you’re “missing” is a prince, but you don’t mind. - you arguing with them for no reason. Anon: nct reaction to s/o hugging them from behind He'd tease you for a bit, but when he saw you pouting - his ultimate weakness - and . nct nct imagines nct scenarios nct reactions nct fluff nct …. We’re both quite introverted but enjoyed NCT. Nct 127 reaction: you’re wearing their clothes. There's some silence spreading between you and you just look into the distance as you await a reaction from him. When You Suddenly Hug Them Because You’re Upset ~ BTS Reaction. | !warning! | violence, unhealthy relationships, abusive relationship, yandere Bts, choking and …. nct reactions nct dreams reactions nct imagines nct yandere nct dream yandere nct dream imagines nct dream scenarios mark scenarios renjun scenarios jeno scenarios haechan scenarios jaemin scenarios chenle scenarios jisung scenarios. "Hey i was just kidding, i will help you to be good. Johnny / Youngho : Johnny would laugh uncontrollably. ” he asked as low as his voice could be. tonight, though, you found yourself walking to his studio because he asked you to come. You began the year with an SMtown concert, NCT 127 had a Japanese release, you had a comeback single with SuperM, NCT Dream welcomed both you and Mark back and had their first album and repackage as a fixed unit which went on to make them the youngest triple million sellers ever, filmed an 8dream comeback show and '7illin the dream’ reality show, released NCT …. pentagon reaction to when their s/o is afraid of the dark? thank yoou - Requested By Anonymous JINHO: He would be understanding but have a hard time helping you as he didn't really understand your fear as it wasn't something he'd experienced before so he felt helpless but tried to support you in any way he can. ꒰ NCT DREAM MTL ꒱ liking to be called pet-names <333. i don’t remember why i had this idea, i just did. but before he turned the knob to your bedroom, he heard your cries and muffled voice that appeared to be soothing you. and here lie the 7 things you love about jaehyun. After hugging Winwin and saying hi to. Blood is involved and hospitals. -Requests must be precise: if you only want certain members, or if you want a long or short reaction, let me know. You had just woken up from a short nap and heard him humming to himself. Multi fan — Stray kids reaction to you falling asleep on them. He smirked and pushed you against the wall, towering over you. jaehyun: wait was that a sneeze. He throws you over his shoulder, you …. “You’ve been smiling the whole time I’ve been here” you mumble. Originally posted by fywinwin Taeil: you have never call Taeil oppa before it was never your thing to call him or anyone oppa, but you were curious to see how he would react to you …. You were cuddled up close to Renjun, enjoying the time you were spending with him. realizing your “small cold” wasn’t going to go away by itself, taeyong knew from the start this was going to be an uphill battle. Jaemin pouted and stared at you with heart-broken eyes "Y/nnnn-" he started to whine making his members laugh "-just sit on my lap. Imagines and Stuffs — NCT 127 Reaction to you wanting kitten. About to abs you Nct kissing their reaction. he gently lifted your head up by placing his soft hand underneath your chin. The Colour of Lee Taeyong. He’d sometimes react to events in the book, lips pouting …. You and your boyfriend broke apart, "I can't believe you lied to me" he scolded with a frown, leaving the room quickly. REACTION to ’Sticker’ MVㅣNCT 127 Reaction. most of the times, it’s a casual, subconscious gesture; he’s listening to you …. Laughs awkwardly; Wasn’t expecting you to send them now out of all times ; Would probably send some back ; Determined to finish his work fast so he could get. constantly makes sure he knows where you are and that he can find you. Reactions NCT 127 Reaction: You're having surgery NCT (Legal Line) Reaction: Being kissed on the neck NCT U + Kun Reaction: Pushing him up against the wall and kissing him NCT U + Johnny Reaction: Aug 11, 2016 · Yoongi: You woke up before Yoongi and planned on getting up to have a shower before he did, as he always took super long in the shower. everyone always knows where you are in the house bc you …. pairing: nct 00 line x reader genre: coffee shop au, bulleted au | fluff, some parts will include slight angst or suggestive content directions: read the preface, then choose which 00 line member you …. Taehyung invited you to go to the awards with him, he wanted to share the experience with you. You had been lucky enough to be near the aquarium of the city when it had started raining. reaction: haechan stormed into your residence with teary eyes, ready to rant to you about his day and have you build his self-confidence. Nature is so, so pretty to Jaehyun. There are two things you didn’t like, to be married for power and to be painted on. bedtime stories and songs to help you sleep. MLT To Kiss You Before Confessing ~ The Boyz. N市 / 🐙🍉、🍑🍉、🐙🔥 宇宙 / chanbaek seyeol 🍉右 🐶 🐯( ) 🐱 → rps理解 20↑ 基本RTとか( ˇωˇ )zzz. You had just arrived at the bus stop near you …. You blurted and it was met with a smile. Im going to be completely honest, Mark will be shook. This hurts my heart and my soul :( These poor boys. Taeyong: When you first told him you were going on the show he was worried because he didn’t want you to get hurt, but once the show began and you became a contender for the win he couldn’t hide his excitement for you. The multitalented K-Pop idol who literally excels in everything he does could also add cooking to the list. HEYYYYY sorryyyyyyy for such a long hiatus a lot has been going on with life, one being the fact that both my laptops are broken. nct ot21 reaction to: Jaemin says pouting playfully. LEAST LIKELY ~ explanations ~ jeno, mark - they love being called pet names. I hope you like this one, the next member to look forward to is Jaehyun. Even when your boyfriend Johnny tried to get you to talk about it you just pushed him away. He’d said as he puts an arm around your shoulders, a …. He was confused so he continued on walking until he stopped in front of the room. Permalink NCT Reacting to their S/O demanding a staring contest to decide what to eat. " Quickly helping you get up, you winced as the small compression on your elbow already started hurting badly. nct dream getting their s/o promise. Johnny pressed kisses on your head, forehead and temple, waiting for you to get up. “So, Jagiya, How was your day?” he asked you. He’d look around the room taking in his surroundings after resurfacing from your argument before it hit him that you actually walked out of the room. Hoseok: “Dancing, rapping, anything at all, just ask me. 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐖𝐞 𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐅𝐥y — °Masterlist°. nct dream reacting to their s/o wearing revealing clothes ── ˚。˚⋅⋆୨♡୧⋆⋅˚。˚ ── synopsis: you decided to wear revealing clothes to see how the dreamies would react…. Thanks for the patience @okayoongii and hope you like it at least a little bit. The minute Lucas saw your expression change he felt his heart sink. So I might not post again for awhile but let's cross our fingers. Ateez reaction to making you cry / you making them cry during an argument. But in the shower, you start thinking too much about your day and end up crying. I'm a little rusty, but please enjoy~ Mark. He let you go, knowing that he’ll come get you in a few days. Nct reaction to you saying “i love you” out of nowhere for the first time: Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3 Nct reaction to their small s/o trying to do hard labour: Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3 Nct reaction …. So as soon as you gave him a peck and walked away, he would sit up, grinning ear to ear, and call you out: “You kissed me! Y/N you kissed me!” which you would yell back “No I didn’t!!!” Now quw DK getting off the couch and running after you. You took a glance over your shoulder seeing a gentleman behind you. That was what drives him crazy the most about you, and tonight after your friends left you alone and he didn’t want to go you were acting like a real bitch to him. Having a crush on you and see how another guy wants to confess to you…. The smile on his face was so large you thought it might be …. and next day he just hands you the beautifully prepared lunchbox. Expect Lots of hugs and sweet compliments making you …. you stare at the messily-written words, smiling fondly to yourself. NCT Dream Reaction: Attending the same award show as their idol!s/o Mark: • if your relationship was a secret • if he ever makes eye contact with you he looks away immediately • his eyes go super wide. You didn't know if Johnny fell asleep, how he was able to truly let you like this, while you had spent most of the night crying and holding . He couldn’t rest before knowing you’d be safe. He was very supportive and always there to help you compose lyrics and. They were professionals, after all - in singing and dancing… Not so much in tying bow ties properly. WayV reaction to accidentally pinning their crush down. "jaem, look what you did now!" you pout, turning to face him jeno sensed there was tension and quickly scurried off to his own room "i'm sorry i ruined your SUPER fun game with jeno" he scoffed "oh please, you know we are just friends. Although all of the members would say “I love you…. Jun 12, 2021 - “เตน : พวกเราจะไลฟ์อะ มาเล่นด้วยกันดิ เดี๋ยวส่งที่อยู่ให้ จองอู : ไลฟ์ที่ไหนอะ เตน : เดี๋ยวส่งที่อยู่ให้แปปนึง จองอู : …. with nct 127 — view here ˒ nct dream reaction to their s/o kissing their neck — view here ˒ how nct dream would hold their s/o's waist — view here ˒ how nct dream (+ lucas) feel about giving hickeys — view here. The vibrating of your phone tears you away from your slumber. He would be hesitant as he knew he had work but he missed you and you …. ㋛ about: the members of nct dream crushing on you, fluff, high school!au, cw: very brief food mention, lmk if i missed something. You are the best!", which makes Haechan pout and upset too. 800F7EAA-E332-4D7D-BCB1-FAACE44D3FC9. You turned around to face him with a pout on your face "I guess I'll forgive but, you better give me the best cuddles ever!", you said with tears still in your eyes. But you brush him off instead with a pout. You want him to actually tell you with words that he wants your attention. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Sometimes he'd tease about your height and ends up smiling like crazy because he finds it cute when you get mad and pout at him. jaemin: "aw, you’re getting emotional,” he would coo. NCT U + Yuta Reaction when they slip and accidentally get on your breasts (Quando eles escorregam e acidentalmente pegam nos seus seios) Postado! ~Adm Rabbit~. Lucas/Yukhei: Originally posted by peachyxuxi. nct Sign up to get Tweets about the Topics you follow in your Home timeline. He says open up to you, which surprises you since, for what you know, he doesn’t open up easily. NCT Reactions: When he comes home to see you cried yourself to sleep. PENTAGON Reaction To Their S/O Being Afraid Of The Dark. Chapter Text Jeno and Jaemin’s exclusive relationship which tips around the line of calling each other boyfriends goes on for a week or so. Yuta: *The second the words left your lips, he couldn’t help the thoughts of you in pretty kitten outfits running through. Laughing at your reaction, he told you, ” he responded and began pouting. She seems to be down to earth, i feel like she is gonna accept the real me. NCT Dream reaction to their idol s/o hurt from too much practice. NCT 127 reaction to you being a rapper on SMTM. But if you have more babies, you might need extra care. im bailey!! request smth for nct~ i have one mood and it is In Love With Mark Lee. Discover short videos related to idol reaction krystal on TikTok. ” Xiaojun said, picking up the dismantled PC parts and placing them on the floor. Hansol: giggles before kissing u;hands are in your hair when he’s kissing u,if not then his hands are pulling you closer to him,doesn’t often kiss you in public;when he does it has to be perfect,whispers sweet words in between your kisses,nuzzles you nose after kissing u,gives u a beautiful smile that will leave you melting after kissing u. mingi - always holding each other’s hands. He knows that he must be stressed because. You don’t need to be shorter than me to be cute. Your daughter’s been in your lives for 4 months now and you …. Jaemin pouted and stared at you with heart-broken eyes “Y/nnnn-” he started to …. You chuckled at Seungkwan’s comment and shook your head. doyoung is always tired whenever he wakes up, but when he wakes up next to you, he gets all the energy inside of him to pull you back into his arms if you’re not already there. It's their way of communicating. one of the member reactions is inspired by a scene in true beauty. You know he’s staring at you, because you…. NCT U reaction to seeing their S/O sleep next to them. Rigid rules and everyday routine are abhorrent to them. You catch him off guard with "tag you're it,". Nct U *Parenthesis tells you which nct u song lineup are in the reaction. Lemme kiss that attitude out of you. he’d relax at your touch and softly smile at your habits and how you show affection 🥺. ; They debuted on October 18, 2020 with their first album “Dear Love ” NCT …. NCT 127 (Reaction to you being in a Rival Gang 9/10) A/N: Sorry I have been gone for a while but I have been studying nonstop for my state finals. Jessi Profile and Facts Jessi (제시) is a Korean-American rapper and singer under P NATION. i was inspired by this gif to make a little christmas themed au !! hope you like it <3. nct dream reaction to being your first kiss a/n: until there is a comeback without mark, i am including him. Well, it wasn’t a sunny day, it was pouring outside. Rhesus negative blood and pregnancy: what you need to k…. no matter how much you tried, he was the only one in your heart. I am so sorry I didn't answer your calls I didn't see them when they come in. Originally posted by addtidathida. Jaehyun: gives you a cute dimpley smile to show he approves. Haechan kissed your forehead and made you calm down completely with it. NCT’s Johnny Is Attending The 2022 Met Gala, And He Lowkey Manifested It LE SSERAFIM React …. messy nct/wayv bios ! uH i haven’t had much motivation to post lil aus and stuff,, so have a few random nct bios !! pt. ~ He’d hide it pretty well that he was missing you by not talking about you & things like that. “How old are you?” Taeyong seems to consider the question, pouting …. 「看起来是追星小姐妹 其实是相声二人组」小黎-北京&老杜-东京 【2021金唱片大赏】【Reaction】路人粉观看各家男团女团金唱片舞台表现-百花齐 …. Check out our Wiki or scroll down the sidebar to the 'About NCT' section to find out where to get started with the different units, members, discography, and r/NCT…. You may want to sugar-coat your criticisms so that your ISFP won't get offended or angry with you. He liked you a lot, but he wouldn’t let you see it. He's not even subtle about it though so he's practically losing his mind while bombarding you with questions trying to figure out what happened. Funny ~ Jealous/Protective ~ Smut ~ Yuta. “Okay, i know you want me to entertain you all because I’m the best of the party. Submit all that your heart desires :). Probably bite you back and snuggle into your neck and giggle like a baby. one new notification: the dreamies uploaded a new video! users :: nct dream x reader channel :: not clickbait universe uploaded on :: may 10, 2021 at 2:22 p. He placed a kiss on your cheek before grabbing your shoulders with his hands, staring straight into your eyes. since it was late, and you figured your forgetful boyfriend forgot to eat, you …. The sub-unit consists of 10 members: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan. then the two of you just lay there in bed, not saying much. I thought you were my fan" he would pout. Synopsis: You get hurt and each of the boys react differently. synopsis:: in which you have to cope with your annoying neighbour literally everywhere you …. Summary: You’re supposed to be helping out in Eric’s candy shop but you …. A warning for the inclusion of depression in Renjun's reaction! So thank you for that. you hold each other’s hand as you walked through the town; you …. 22nd April: Husband 2PM A-Z ~ Taecyeon. Taeil : Taeil would be very embarrassed with the situation and try to forget the accident but the moment would continue coming back in his mind causing him to make some giggles during. He would wake you up and tickle you/make bad jokes/pout like a puppy/etc. The feeling of the alcohol traveling around your system wasn’t a common thing for you, so your reactions …. Taeyong chuckled, when he gave Johnny the necklace this morning to give it to you, he did not expect for you …. Read NCT 127: Reaction to you asking them to buy you pads/tampons from the story NCT Reactions, MTLs, Imagines, and Texts by xhyuck_ (𝐀. nct reactions, mtls + scenarios. MARK LEE LOVE YOU💖 💮aca vas a encontrar pequeñans historias sobre los 23 chicos de NCT 💮Es probable q haya faltas de ortografia las cuales me pueden corregir. bts reaction to you calling them oppa. Seungkwan would probably look over to you, and you would look over to him. "Don't make me bring up that one time you cried on stage but acted like nothing happened-" "Shut up, you cry more often than me" "Oh are you sure?. KPOP reactions and more — NCT 127 reaction to you being a. A small pout was formed by your lips as Taeil seemed completely indifferent at your attempt to make him flustered. knock three times on the bedroom door if you accept. Every emotion felt at that moment was reduced to one; rage. Home of official NCT 127 merchandise. For Neo Smut Collective’s Event #3: Risque Taeil x female!reader Inspired by the song Gimme Gimme by NCT 127 Has intense amount of smut, fluff and angst. He thinks you're absolutely adorable and helps you up each time. He finds comfort in the fact that everyone wants you, but you only want him. txt taking care of their sick partner. A funny scene came on and you laughed loudly with everyone else, but Renjun, he shot you an annoyed look. Warnings: crying (obviously), neglect and bad communication in relationships, mentions of weight gain and insecurities in Jongho’s reaction…. You could tell he was upset and gently reached for his hand to calm him down. Every time he hugged you he had to bury his face in your back or avoid eye contact because he would get flustered, but to him, it made it even better. The little six year old jiggle with the lock before opening it. As soon as you walked into the practice room you heard your name being called by a very bubbly Winwin, which caused for Yuta to notice you.